Sagada-Ifugao, Rice Terraces and the Ifugao Hut p.2

Part 2 of our North Luzon loop was heading down to see the UNESCO world heritage site of the famous rice terraces of the mountain province coming from Sagada. Sagada offered picturesque rice terraces as well and the drive going to Ifugao also gave us a scenic view on these man made wonders. We were able to stay in an authentic Native Ifugao Hut and discovered Ifugao’s culture, traditions and beliefs in Hiwang Village. Updated April 2016

From our previous visit to Sagada in part 1 of this Northern Luzon road trip, we then planned our next stop towards Ifugao province to see the magnificent man made marvel of the UNESCO world heritage site of the rice terraces. Ifugao has many rice terraces and you can view them while travelling the roads towards Banaue. It is a 2 1/2 hr drive from Sagada to Banaue rice terraces (google maps coordinate).

Banaue Rice Terraces: UNESCO World Heritage Site

In this view deck you to get capture the post card perfect shot of Banaue rice terraces and also use the backdrop with a photo opportunity with the locals wearing native costumes. You can go down a few steps for a better view and rent the native costumes.

The Terraces: As captured in the old 1000 peso bill

The other view deck just down a few meters away is the site where Red Bull made its famous wake boarding video down the terraces. You can also frame a picture of the old 1000 peso bill photo of the terraces.

Staying in an Authentic Ifugao Hut: Hiwang Native House Inn

Finding a place to stay after being trigger happy with the camera’s shutter, we searched for accommodations that make us experience living in Ifugao huts. So we asked around town where we can find one and the seller of souvenirs pointed us to a native house stay in Hiwang Village (google maps coordinates). The village preserved authentic Ifugao Huts and even had 2 Huts occupied for a museum like display of Ifugao artefacts depicting their culture, traditions and beliefs. One night stay at this authentic Ifugao house is about 1500 Php so we stayed for 2 nights. The view was also spectacular with a wide horizon overlooking the terraces and the environment was so cold especially at night. We also did a survivor style living, camped out, cooked our own food and put up a bonfire at night.

We had a peek at the spooky Ifugao Hut that houses some native artifacts, idols and even animal and human skulls. This Native village is a must place to visit for a day (25 Php entrance) when you are in Banaue and more especially if you want to experience living in an Ifugao house.

Bangaan Rice Terraces: a hidden valley

We had a quick check at Banaue tourism office to see which other sites are interesting to visit and picked the Bangaan rice terraces which was not so popularly visited. Even finding the site was tricky since it is like a hidden valley (google maps coordinates) only accessible to a small passage way down the village. If you opt to have a tour guide with you it may cost you around 500-800 Php and if you have enough time you  can go also to Batad rice terraces near the area. So we choose to find the place by ourselves as we mostly do a DIY style of trip.

The trek down the village will take you around 20-30 minutes and in the center of it is the village where you can also get refreshments and rent a costume for a photo opportunity with the rice terraces backdrop.

The following day before heading back to Manila, he had a quick stop at Banaue Museum (google maps coordinates). Entrance to the museum is 50 Php, it is small museum display of Ifugao culture and unfortunately you could not take pictures inside.

Driving back to Manila took us around 8 hrs travel time with some quick stops along Cabanatuan for coffee break arriving Manila very late at night. Indeed our trip towards the rice terraces of the North was worth the long drive.



La Union, Sagada, a Road Trip towards North Luzon p.1


Part 1: La Union, Sagada and Ifugao are towns far off the northern part of luzon and a great destination to those who want to seek real adventure and discover majestic places. Nature at its finest is waiting to be explored with caves, waterfalls, rice terraces and you also get to see the culture of the people living in these places. Updated April 2016

So we had an opportunity to have a week long road trip towards North Luzon and decided to try another loop traversing the mountanous ranges with a magestic view of the terraces of the North. Our drive took us about 5 hrs to our first stop in San Juan, La Union thanks to the extension of TPLEX which gave us a seamless ride from Manila to Pangasinan via NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX express way. We had already been to the northern tip of Luzon and have done a La Union-Ilocos-Pagudpud road trip so we tried the other route sidewards taking the challenging drive of the mountain ranges while exploring the scenic view of the rice fields.

First Stop: San Juan, La Union

We stayed at this newly opened Resort Villas Buenavista coming from a long haul drive from Manila. The resort is quiet big and situated in San Juan fronting the beach and has a nice swimming pool. The rooms are a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. Resort can be searched in google maps and has a facebook account.,120.3332278,188m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x33918d8366bcd22d:0xd6c6b805617dd8a2!8m2!3d16.6710705!4d120.333775?hl=en

Before sun down we headed down to Urbiztondo where the famous surfing capital of the North is situated.

Entrance to the surfing beach can be accessed in Se-bay Resort, google coordinate below,+San+Fernando,+La+Union/@16.6573902,120.3207709,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!1m2!2m1!1surbiztondo+la+union!3m4!1s0x33918d9547d82215:0x3317f41522e500b5!8m2!3d16.6573876!4d120.3218652?hl=en

Surfing Lessons are available in the area depending on your chosen package. The beach is a good learning environment for beginners and you can opt to have a board rental for one hour with an instructor present for a rate of 400 Php. A lot of good restaurants  at a good price are also packed in the highway street near the surfing area.

Next Stop: That thing called Sagada

The following morning we headed up for another long drive towards Sagada via Tagudin-Cervantes Road for a long and winding 4-5 hr drive.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.00.17 PM

When you use google maps, your point of destination would be Sagada Municipal Tourist Center where all the tours are also organised. The tourism office serves as the registration and  starting point for your guided tours. You need to register and log your visit with the tourism office and acquire a guided tour package (by group).

google coordinates below:,120.8985006,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x338fd32b8eb30483:0xa9cebefb83b579e2!8m2!3d17.0843083!4d120.9006893?hl=en

Here are some of the tour packages you can book at the tourism office

echo valley
cave connection
Sumaguing cave
Balangagan cave

Sumaguing Cave: for the explorer in you

Upon our arrival we immediately book a guided tour for our family for a short course exploration of Sumaguing Cave. For a group of four, we pay 500 Php for the tour guide. The entrance to the cave is a bit far to walk so we took our car with the Tour guide going to site, otherwise you may need transportation going there.

Things to Prepare:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and expect to get wet, sandals or flip-flops are okay (you will remove them anyway once you traverse the slippery rocks.
  2. Bring a waterproof camera if you want to take pictures, you can bring SLR but make sure you have a dry bag with you.
  3. Bring also waterproof lighting/ flash lights, although the guide also has his lantern with him for the group.
  4. Leave your gadgets and any valuable belongings before taking this tour. They will get wet or maybe lost when you do your “spiderman” moves going up and down the trail.
  5. Bring a bottle of water, it may take you hours to come back from the trail and make sure you have gone to the toilet before entering the cave.
  6. I can recommend this for kids above 6 y.o. but this tour is not for senior citizens and the faint hearted.

The tour took 2.5 hours to traverse from descending to climbing back up again. Last entrance to the cave is at 4pm so when we came back it was already dark at night. It was one of the most challenging cave explorations we’ve done and i got a little scared for my kids when we went down on waist deep cold waters of the cave.


video link of the kids descent on Sumaguing cave

Kiltepan View: Catching Sunrise,120.9016987,15.71z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x338fd2dc3d7a16af:0xf4e637861038635f!8m2!3d17.0924548!4d120.9145188?hl=en

You have to wake up early to catch the sunrise at Kiltepan View and if you are luck enough you may even see the “sea of clouds” below the the rising sun. For us, we were already there at 4:30 AM waiting for sunrise taking some hot choco and coffee with us but was not lucky enough to have a postcard photo of the sunrise. The cold breeze of the early morning wind was refreshing for us and you could this environment elsewhere in the city. We were only able to catch a glimpse of the risen sun covered with a shadow of clouds.

Echo Valley Tour

After our Kiltepan early morning call, we headed over to see the echo village tour where the famous hanging coffins of Sagada lies. Since we are quiet early, we headed directly to Eco Valley without having reserved a tour from the tourism office. Fortunately there was a tour guide available at the entrance to the tour so we just got him and gave 250 Php for the short tour. Our guide was also a native of the land and his father who in 2005 was one of last who was buried in the hanging coffin (coffin labelled Bomit-Og)

Trekking: Bomod-Ok Falls and the traversing the rice terraces,120.9160648,2500m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

The next day, we headed over for a cold swim in Bomod-Ok falls where you can also see the majestic view of Sagada’s very own rice terraces. For this trek you need a tour guide which is also available when you reach the end of the road to the starting point of the trail.  You pay the tour guide a fee of 500 Php which will lead your group thru the 30 minute trail traversing the village and rice terraces. You can get wooden sticks in the starting point to help you trek the up and down trail. Make sure to pack lite, wear comfortable trekking footwear and carry enough water with you.

video link on our trek towards the falls

Trekking the terraces was a great experience for us, you get to be up-close to this wonder of human creation

Part 2: Our Drive from Sagada towards Ifugao and the UNESCO World Heritage the Banaue Rice Terraces

To follow soon in my next post